flamengo third jersey

This is the New adidas Flamengo Third Jersey 21/22

To honor the 40th anniversary of the great 1981, adidas presented the Flamengo third jersey, the iconic team of the Brazilian Soccer League.

The word that best defines this shirt is elegance, since the aesthetic has a casual design, with a black color as a base, the round neck, cuffs and the three stripes are painted in the traditional red color, while the adidas shield and logo, they are dyed gold.

On the back of the neck, the number 1981 also appears in gold tone.

Like the other two shirts of the season, Flamengo’s third jersey pays tribute to 1981, when the club achieved international glory, winning the Copa Libertadores and later the Intercontinental, beating Liverpool.

The concept of the jersey goes beyond the limits of the pitch and takes it to the streets, reinforcing the idea that the passion for Flamengo is a way of life, and that it is demonstrated anytime, anywhere.

The adidas Flamengo third jersey 21/22 is now available for purchase in the adidas online store, for an approximate cost of $ 53 USD.