paris saint-germain third jersey

Nike Launches New Paris Saint-Germain Third Jersey 21/22

Nike has presented the Paris Saint-Germain third jersey for the 21/22 season, in what could be considered a new design installment that combines sports and streetwear.

This Nike premiere joins those of the season, such as those of Barcelona, ​​Atlético de Madrid and Liverpool.

The team that achieved the feat of removing Leo Messi from FC Barcelona also stood out this season for including the Jordan Brand Jumpman instead of Nike’s Swoosh in their home jersey for the first time.

For the Paris Saint-Germain third jersey, Nike removes the Swoosh from the front of the jersey, placing one on each sleeve in an “Electric Red” color; one represents Paris and the other Paname, a nickname used by Parisian fans.

The black color appears as the base, presenting a horizontal gray stripe in front, with a couple more lines in the same tone, above and below.

The main sponsor appears within the gray stripe, contrasting with the rest of the shirt in a white tone.

The focal point of the Paris Saint-Germain third jersey is the shield, which appears in a monochromatic version with the same “Electric Red” hue as the Swooshes.

The back appears completely in black, without further details, except for the neck, which is painted gray only on the back.

In addition, Nike and PSG have also launched a collection that includes hoodies, sweatpants and t-shirts, all with the same color palette.

Also, some of the pieces in the collection celebrate fans, by including some numbers from the Paris postal area, such as 77, 91, 92, 93, 94 and 95.

The complete collection and the Paris Saint-Germain third jersey 21/22 are now available for purchase in the physical stores of PSG, as well as its website and that of Nike. The global launch will arrive on September 17.