wolves records

Wolves Records, the New Music Label by Wolverhampton Wanderers

Music and football come together with Wolves Records. Wolverhampton Wanderers launched their new Music Label for new artists.

More than a club, that’s what Wolves want to be. Their most recent effort transcends the pitch and goes to the music universe. With this initiative they’re looking to unite music and football in a previously unseen effort.

wolves records

The rise of Wolves Records

Wolves joined efforts with Warner Music UK’S Alternative Distribution Alliance (ADA) to bring the spotlight to new-coming artists. Emerging musicians and performers can benefit from the club’s global audience and ADA’s platform for distribution and marketing services.

This means there will be more children dreaming about becoming Wolves, not only as football players, but also as artists. Despite being a British effort, Wolves Records ambition is global, as they are accepting submissions from local, national, and international solo acts, bands and producers.

Other benefits for these artists include airing time at the Wolves’ stadium, the Molineux. Besides, there is no restriction in terms of styles and genres.

For those musicians, performers, artists and producers who want to take a chance with this record label, they’d just need to go to Wolves Records web site, to submit their music.