EA Sports Loses Exclusive Association with FIFA

The EA SportsFIFA partnership, perhaps the most prominent in terms of e-Sports, could come to an end.

And it is that the International Federation of Association Football is seriously thinking about ending the exclusive relationship that it has maintained for more than a decade with Electronic Arts.

In a statement released by the organization, FIFA says it is currently reassessing its approach to esports and the gaming industry, hoping to look beyond EA Sports to broaden its horizons and provide soccer fans with more experiences. specialized.

“Games and esports are the fastest growing media verticals on the planet, with new and diverse types of games continually being released…” “Therefore, it is vitally important for FIFA and its stakeholders to maximize all future opportunities for football and video game fans.”

To do this, FIFA has contacted various electronic companies that would have rights to the licenses.

“Technology and mobile device companies are now actively competing to partner with FIFA, its platforms and world tournaments. Accordingly, FIFA is collaborating with various industry players, including developers, investors and analysts, to build a long-term vision for the gaming, e-sports and interactive entertainment industry.”

For its part, EA Sports would already look elsewhere how to continue its successful career in soccer video games, since the discussion to maintain exclusivity would be settled, although there is still no official position.