So Long, Partner: FIFA and EA Sports to Part Ways After Nearly 30 Years

FIFA it’s not in the game anymore. Reports indicate that FIFA and EA Sports are to part ways, ending their licensing contract for the videogame brand’s soccer series.

With the World Cup arriving at the US, EA Sports wanted to create a game that brought football passion to every home. Without knowing they would create an empire worth billions, but, like every empire it needs to change.

Back in the day, Konami was lord and master with their International Superstar Soccer series (later known as Pro Evolution Soccer -PES-), but, EA Sports did something the competition didn’t got licensing by FIFA to use the names and colors of their teams.

What FIFA asks EA Sports

According to The New York Times, that licensing is over. Allegedly, the reigning organism in international football wanted a $ 1 billion USD payment every four years from EA Sports. That would increase their contract from $ 150 million USD a year, to $ 250 million USD per year.

It had already been hinted, but, besides the story by the Times, Cam Weber, president and general manager at EA Sports had stated their company’s and FIFA’S partnership would not continue.

Another thing that supports this claim is that EA has registered a trademark for EA Sports F.C., probably the name for the next football game by the company. It seems that the future of football in the gaming sphere is going to be quite different from what we have now.