fourth venezia fc jersey

Bellissima: This is the New Fourth Venezia FC Jersey Kappa 21/22

A little late, but it was worth it. Kappa has unveiled the fourth Venezia FC jersey for the 21/22 Serie A season.

After several years, Venezia returned to Serie A, and the highlight has undoubtedly been the jerseys they have presented for this season.

For the fourth Venezia FC jersey, the shirt includes a Venetian red color as a base; the flag jersey is inspired by the iconic flag of the Republic of Venice.

In addition, the shirt adds a touch of the classic Kappa style, incorporating black sleeves on which the traditional pattern with the brand’s logo appears.

As with the home shirt, Venezia FC’s fourth jersey features the club’s special edition golden crest.

Replicating what was done with the third shirt, the Venetian club decided to channel the launch of this shirt to support the city, now announcing a partnership with Save Venice, the leading American non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the artistic heritage of Venice for the world.

The activation consists of donating € 5 from the sale of each t-shirt on to Save Venice. The fourth Venezia FC jersey Kappa 2021/22 is available now for purchase, for a cost of € 90 ($ 104 USD).

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