Nike Skate Landscape

This Is the New and Amazing Nike Skate Landscape in Europe

They see Nike rollin’. It has been built a Nike Skate Landscape, designed by artist Rich Holland at their European headquarters.

The Netherlands are known for their bike use, but for Nike, it was time to get on a skateboard. Their European headquarters in Hilversum will have a bridge that strongly resembles a skatepark.

It’s no secret that the brand is looking to innovate at every step and one of them is having facilities inspired by and for sports. The British designer, Rich Holland from the creative collaborative house Floda31 was chosen for this very purpose for the new Nike skate landscape.

Just like their new Innovation Center in Oregon, their HQ in the Netherlands has a design that catches more than a glimpse from people. This artistic approach also wanders into the practical side of business.

It is not only an aesthetical way of joining two buildings it also works as a functional skatepark.

And it’s not the only art piece in the complex. The sculpture “The Bounce” by Ruben Sanchez also brings color to the brand’s European offices.

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