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Ajax Responds Against UEFA’s Ban of Their Three Little Birds

Baby don’t worry about a thing. After months of UEFA’S ban of the club’s Three Little Birds, Ajax responds to the ruling organism in European football.

It was a huge shock for many fans around the world, not just those who support the Dutch giants, but for thousands of football lovers as well. UEFA banned the Three Little Birds icons on the back of their third kit, but finally Ajax responds.

According to UEFA, a football shirt in their competitions can only have elements relative to the club’s crest, the manufacturer’s brand or the team’s sponsors. They considered the drawings as other expressions, which are not allowed by the organization.

But now, the Amsterdam side decided to start a campaign to remind them that the Three Little Birds are part of their identity since 2008. Also, the icons may be out of the shirt, but they certainly are in different parts of the city.

This campaign is spearheaded by a video telling the story and showing how the Bob Marley’s song has become more than a tune for the club. Only time will tell if UEFA will act, now that Ajax responds against their ban.

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