PPRN Seoul x Spunky

‘Chunky Spunky’: The New PPRN Seoul x Spunky Collaboration

Not everything is pizza! Pepperoni Seoul, a South Korean lifestyle brand that combines pizza and football, ventures with Chunky Spunky, a new collaborative collection between PPRN Seoul x Spunky.

Spunky is a women’s clothing brand also located in South Korea.

‘Chunky Spunky’ is the second collaborative soccer jersey with a lifestyle concept between PPRN Seoul x Spunky. ‘Checkerboard’, their first collaboration, was trending after K-pop artist ‘(G) I-DLE’ Miyeon wore it this summer.

For ‘Chunky Spunky’, the collaboration decided to use the Milky Cow pattern, Spunky’s main design theme. PPRN Seoul decided to create a t-shirt that parodies the art of ‘Chunky Dunky’, a collaboration between Nike and ice cream brand Ben & Jerry’s.

On the back of the shirt, 51, the main number of the Spunky brand, is expressed as if the ice cream is melting.

The ‘Chunky Spunky’ PPRN Seoul x Spunky design will be available in two versions, long sleeve and short sleeve, and will arrive for sale starting today on the online sites of both brands.

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