Jose Manuel Lechuga Para KRIMY

Jose Manuel Lechuga: A Real Love for Sneakers


Actor and TV host, Jose Manuel Lechuga does not hide his love for soccer and other sports; However, among all this highlights his true hobby: sneakers.

In a special talk for KRIMY, “Lechugol” tells us the origin of his fondness and some of his favorite sneakers of all life.

When was your love for sneakers born?

I perfectly remember that my liking for “tennis” was when a guy, I got my first brand tennis shoes, some classic reebok, around 1990. Later, when I had my first Jordan, in 1992 which was a Jordan 7, I started to obsessing over the tennis shoes His Majesty MJ wore.

What is the Jose Manuel Lechuga favorite brand?
No doubt, NIKE.

Jose Manuel Lechuga Para KRIMY 2

What were the first sneakers you bought?

The first Jordan I had in my hands, were some infrared Jordan 6 that a friend had brought from a trip to the US and I begged him for a whole year to sell them to me.

After he used them for a whole year, he “sold them” to me without my mother found out, and when I told her that if she paid for them, she would make me return them, I used them for about a month.

How many pairs does your sneaker collection currently number?

I have not counted them, but I estimate that I have between 90 and 100 pairs of sneaker perfectly stored in their original box, plus those that I have without box.

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What are your favorite sneakers of all life?

No doubt, Jordan 1 Chicago x Off-white.

Your fondness for America is well known, but do you have a fondness for other clubs?

Yes, to Real Madrid and the New York Yankees.

What do you prefer: An afternoon at the Azteca Stadium or at Yankee Stadium?

At this point in the game, I would prefer an afternoon at Yankee Stadium, because I’ve only been once, and I know Azteca like the back of my hand.

Is your ideal afternoon with friends on a golf course or playing soccer?

Today, my ideal afternoon is undoubtedly on the golf course with my friends and some “chelas”.

Does the outfit define the sneakers, or the sneakers define the outfit?

Definitely the sneakers define the outfit; in fact, I dress myself thinking about which sneakers I’m going to wear and when I decide which ones, I choose what I’m going to wear.

Your son, Lorenzo, is already starting to wear his first sneakers, how has it been to start sharing this and other passions with him?

Well, he is still too young to realize this passion, but at least he already tells me “put my Jordan on.”

Any final words you want to add to the interview?

Thank you for looking at my profile, and for all those who start in the sneaker game, it does not have to be the most expensive or most exclusive pair, it has to be the one you like.

You can follow and see part of the Jose Manuel Lechuga sneaker collection by clicking here.