Liverpool and LeBron James 0

Liverpool and LeBron James, Together in a New Nike Collection

You’ll never walk alone with LeBron by your side. The future looks red for Nike, now that Liverpool and LeBron James have come together for a new collection.

It was in 2020 when Nike snatched the Reds’ sponsorship from New Balance, trying to leverage their global capabilities to take LFC to another level. One of the steps to create a new landmark in football history is Liverpool and LeBron James coming together.

Just like the brand did with PSG and the Jordan brand, the scouses will get new kits and accessories, but with James’ brand. The movement surprises almost no one, remembering that the King is one of the club’s shareholders.

Liverpool and LeBron James 1

There hasn’t been much information about the extent of this deal, but it surely will reaffirm LeBron’s support for the Anfield team. It is expected that at least seven or eight products will open this new relationship, trying to “compete” with Jordan and PSG.

We will have to wait to visit and find out what Liverpool and LeBron James have planned for the 2022 / 23 season.


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