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These Are the New Nike Next Generation Premier III

Oldies but goldies. We have just seen the new Nike Next Generation Premier III, a classic model evoking yesteryear.

How long has it been since we’ve seen a majority of black boots in a football game? What was once the norm, is now the exception. While many prefer to be easily recognized or just being flamboyant on the field, there are some who prefer the classics.

The Premier is a model that maintains the style of the boots of old. For the Nike Next Generation Premier III, the brand kept the K-leather upper and the iconic black and white colorway, but added a few features.

It has an altered stitch pattern through the front to add cushioning on the inside and outside of the boot. Another of the differences from the Premier II is the embossed Nike Premier logo on the heel, instead of the classic Nike logo.

The shoe’s SG anti-clog soleplate makes them an interesting option for classic football lovers. They even have an overlapping tongue, just like the models from the 90s.

Released back in October, the Nike Next Generation Premier III are currently sold-out at, but they’re expected to make a return in the future, still with their £ 110 ($ 147 USD) price tag.

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