Participation Trophy Studio x Bones FC

Meet the New Participation Trophy Studio x Bones FC Jerseys

Recognizing each other’s work, a situation that can also occur on the field without neglecting the rivalry, come these two Participation Trophy Studio x Bones FC jerseys.

These two Participation Trophy Studio x Bones FC jerseys give recognition between both studios, as the shirt of one is designed by the other.

The two brands had previously collaborated in the Calcetto Eleganza “Recycling a soccer jersey” workshop, which emerged at the height of the pandemic.

For the Bones FC jersey called “Deadlock Edition”, Participation Trophy Studio shows a symmetrical division between the black and white parts on the home jersey, and alternating colors on a away jersey. The shirt features the patch with the Bones FC woven crest.

Additionally, each t-shirt comes packaged in a paper bag, which includes a “neutral style” crushed cheese receipt, a New York pillar, and a checkered flag with the phrase “Always Home” commemorating the launch and checkered pattern of the upper part itself.

In response, Bones FC introduced the ‘We Tried’ jersey, which plays on the meaning of the Participation Trophy Studio name.

The shield on this shirt features an upside-down trophy, as if it fell off the shelf, and the phrase “We tried” appears above it. In the main sponsor space, an abbreviation of the studio name appears: “Part-y Studios”, with the typeface Bones FC.

Each of these shirts is packaged with a miniature participation trophy with a collaborative commemorative engraving listing Part-y and Bones.

The two Participation Trophy Studio x Bones FC jerseys are now available for purchase.

You can find the Bones FC “Deadlock Edition” jersey at, for a cost of $ 120 USD. For its part, the “We tried” T-shirt from Participation Trophy Studio is sold in its online store for the same price.