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Roblox Gets a New NFL Virtual Storefront

The metaverse is coming. The NFL is getting ready for the future and will open their first virtual storefront on Roblox.


What started as a platform where users could develop and play their own games, is now a whole universe for gamers. Though mostly free-to-play, Roblox allows in-game transactions and that’s where the NFL comes in.

MELON studio helped build this new virtual store for the league, in order to expand their presence in the recently announced metaverse. It is said that this first effort is just a “teaser” for larger projects coming in 2022.

For this first try, the NFL released merchandise that includes all the teams’ jersey and helmets, to be used online. It even includes a free 3D NFL helmet for a short period of time, so fans need to hurry.

Football gamer fans can go to and check out the new NFL virtual storefront already.