Nike and Burberry 0

SETTPACE Combines Nike and Burberry in a New England Shirt

An unusual combination, but a stylish one. Designer SETTPACE combined Nike and Burberry for a quite luxurious England shirt.

The designer is no stranger to combining styles and has found an interesting canvas in football. That’s why he decided to mix Nike and Burberry for three different shirts, as England’s home, away and third kits. But it’s time for a fourth.

Teams like Juventus or PSG have made strange collaborations a possibility, but no one (or at least not many) could see a near future where National Teams wear big fashion names. But SETTPACE says why not?

In all his concepts he has played with different colorways, different textures, even one resembling a painting. For this fourth installment they went for a combination of vertical lines in white, black, and gold rose.

All the distinguishing details come in gold rose, like the Swoosh lineout, the Three Lions crest, the collar, the cuffs, and a side band with the lion motif in it. The concept looks classy, though a bit distant from England’s identity.

Since it’s just a concept, this Nike and Burberry combination is not available for purchase but would be a good idea for the Three Lions to be so stylish on the field one day.