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StatusPro: LeBron James, Drake and Naomi Osaka Invest in Sports Technology Company

New investments. StatusPro, a sports technology and games company, has benefited from a significant investment from LeBron James, Drake and Naomi Osaka.

This company was created by two former soccer players, Andrew Hawkins and Troy Jones. This company incorporates player data, as well as augmented and virtual reality, seeking to create a wide range of entertainment products for fans.

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The LeBron James, Drake and Naomi Osaka thing is a strategic investment for StatusPro, which is part of a growth industry, which is projected to be worth $ 57 billion in 2027.

In addition, this company already has partnerships with some NFL teams such as the Baltimore Ravens, as well as the NFL Players Association and NCAA collegiate teams. They also have more investors, including shareholders from Verizon, KB Partners, Greycroft and Leeds United.

“We always say that StatusPRO is only as strong as our team, and our team has become much stronger,” said Hawkins who, along with Jones, are among the only 1% of black entrepreneurs who receive funding from traditional capitalist companies.

“I am looking for investment opportunities that can have a lasting impact on culture and society, and StatusPRO is ready to do so,” said Naomi Osaka, who praised the entrepreneur duo.

Undoubtedly, the investment of these three figures, allowed StatusPro to take its technological developments to other parts, beyond football.