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Frame Sport: Capturing History, Made for Girls


With the arrival of the Liga MX Femenil, not only the teams had to prepare to create their women’s affiliates, but also the entire soccer environment; an example, the media, since expanding the space for its coverage also required preparing reporters, commentators and photographers for adequate follow-up.

With a couple of months already within the Mexican women’s soccer environment, Itzel Navarrete, Sarai Brajas and Paola Vazquez, passionate about sport, decided to undertake a project that today has them as one of the best dedicated photographic agencies exclusively to cover the actions of the Mexican tournament for women: Frame Sport.

And it is that they have not only carried out the task of projecting the teams and players of the league, since it is about giving space to women photographers in sport, which is why their collaborators are exclusively women, of great quality, and that his photos speak for themselves.

In a special talk for KRIMY, Paola, one of the founders of Frame Sport, tells us about her perspectives on the photographic agency and women’s football in general.

Frame sport

How did Frame Sport come about?

It arises with the main integration of three women who are passionate about women’s soccer. Named Itzel Navarrete, Sarai Brajas and Paola Vazquez. The three of us already had a few months in this adventure of the women’s mx league, we were friends and shared similar tastes, so one day in December the idea did not arise and we decided to do a new project.

I can say that it cost us a lot of work to enter the name, the design and the colors. We literally spent an entire night via video call thinking about the name. It was a bit stressful process, but in the end, having our baby, we really enjoyed it.

How did the integration of the collaborators take place?

From the beginning we made it very clear that we only wanted to be women on the Frame team. This was to be able to give them projection, that they felt that they had a place where they mattered and they were going to be given an opportunity in the project.

Do you currently cover all the clubs in the league?

At first we were only in CDMX and Toluca, along with Laura (@woodyphoto), our first collaborator in the team. Then little by little in stories we were asking who wanted to join the team and that is how they began to arrive.

Frame sport

Have you covered final matches? How was that experience?

Yes, we have covered a couple of finals. But from before the three of us already had previous experience in them. I can say every game, especially the finals, is always like a first time. The nerves, the emotion, the stress, everything is on the surface.

It is an experience since your accreditation is in the process of acceptance, because due to time and budget we must buy airplanes and accommodation before knowing if they authorized it or not. But when we have it and arrive at the stadium, the excitement is full.

What do you think of the Liga Mx Femenil in its first four years?

Growth and opportunities are going by leaps and bounds, daring to invest and give permission to social networks for me is a different way that has given a very good projection to our league and not only in Mexico, I am aware that there is a long way to go. improve, but these 4 years hard work and breaking stone has paid off.

What does the League need to fulfill in terms of gender equality?

Trusting more and giving women opportunities in important areas of work, I believe that more than equality is seeking equity.

Frame sport

Who has been the best player you have seen at court level?

I couldn’t give you a specific one, there are many who work very hard and excel. But for perseverance, leadership and determination Liliana Mercado.

What do you think of the coverage that currently exists towards the ‘Liga Mx Femenil’?

Nowadays, it has been covered more and more media have emerged to cover the Liga MX Femenil, since it is currently an important focus in sports, although speaking on the other hand, they could also better cover the large media, the matches of the League. But relatively, everything has been improving and growing little by little.

What is the team or teams that you are a fan of?

I think that I could not include a single team as a favorite, since each one has its history, its respect, its fans and its way of playing football.

Frame sport

What do you think of women’s football worldwide, is it evolving?

It is evolving at its own pace, but without a doubt it has been growing and after being a sport that women were deprived of being able to do it, today we can have the joy of reliving The Women’s World Cup, and seeing female players. foreigners play in the Mexican League.

What is the event you dream of attending as a photographer?

Without a doubt, I think that the event dreamed of covering by one of Frame’s creators or collaborators, would be to be able to attend and cover a World Cup, where Mexico is participating.

What is the next step for Frame Sport?

The next step for Frame Sport will always be to give more and more projection to women photographs in the sports field. I think that was and will be our first goal.

Any final words?

Thank each of the people who have supported us since day one in creation and have given us that visibility before others, so that Frame Sport continues to evolve and grow.

If you want to know more about Frame Sport, you can click here.