Nick Carle

Recycling Nostalgia: Nick Carle Receives Unwanted FC Boot Bags

The significance of jerseys. With brands looking for a way to reduce the environmental impact in the production of t-shirts, the fashion of “upcycling” takes relevance: this is how Nick Carle understood it.

“Nicky” was an Australian soccer player of Chilean origin. He retired from the courts playing for Sydney F.C. from Australia.

In addition to being a figure on the Australian National Team (also known as Socceroos), Nick Carle played for Crystal Palace and the Newcastle Jets. However, the best moments of him were wearing the shirts of his national team.

Nick Carle

Now, in his 40s and in another facet of his life, he wanted to give his two children a small memory of his time as a professional, and although a T-shirt was a perfect way to do it, he believed it could give him something more “functional”.

Unwanted FC, a brand dedicated to giving unwanted soccer kits a “second life”, collaborated like Carle to turn two of his old game jerseys into a stylish, fully functional pair of boot bags.

Nick Carle

According to the brand, Nick Carle wanted to deliver vintage game jerseys from a remarkable career to his two sons, but in a functional and usable form.

The jerseys chosen for this job were from Socceroos: the 2006 home kit and the 2002 away kit. Unwanted FC succeeded and created two great bags for Nick Carle, that are truly collectible.

If you want to know the history and work of Unwanted FC, you can read the interview he had for KRIMY by clicking here and you can shop it products visiting


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