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This Is Balenciaga’s $ 650 USD Spring 2022 Football Hood Scarf

A fancy way to enter Spring. As part of their Spring 2022 ‘Clones’ collection, Balenciaga just presented a couple of hooded scarves, taking football to a new stage.

Football doesn’t have to be apart from fashion or style and that’s what Balenciaga is trying to show the world. For their Spring 2022 ‘Clones’ collection, they released a pair of hooded scarves, each one of them priced at over $ 600 USD.

Usually, when we talk about football we think of jerseys, hats and most especially, scarves, but, not exactly like these ones. For this collection the Spanish brand created a scarf that besides being a scarf, it’s also a hood.

These hooded scarves come in two colors: red or indigo, and are made from the same polyester used in a football jersey. Besides the hood, this creation resembles a football shirt from long ago.

For those interested in combining football and fashion, they can find the Balenciaga Spring 2022 ‘Clones’ collection and the hooded scarves at for $ 650 USD.

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