BRADY Brand Launch

New Path Begins: BRADY Brand Launch

The moment arrives. After many months of waiting and with small advances, the BRADY Brand launch arrived, the new chapter in the life of Tom Brady in search of being the next great brand.

The timing couldn’t be better framed: NFL wild-card games are in the offing, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB will look to make history once again by heading down another Super Bowl.

The BRADY Brand launch had already anticipated a few things, such as having signed young and future college sports prospects, as well as the introduction of their own color, BRADY Blue.

Interestingly, at 35, Tom already had a glimpse of what he wanted to do after hanging his helmet and uniform from him.

“I’ve seen a lot of athletes finish their careers, and they don’t have anything nice to get into, and then they have too much free time on their hands. I was like, that’s not going to be me. I’m going to do really cool things in my second career,” Brady said in an interview with GQ.

Much has been said that, with the BRADY Brand launch, the multi champion of the Lombardi trophy seeks to replicate (and why not, surpass) what Jordan is today. However, his path and his ambitions seem to chart a project that would not follow the same path.

Originally, BRADY Brand has emerged as a brand that prevails in fashion without neglecting the quality of its performance clothing: training in style.

With the BRADY Brand launch, we can see listed products ranging in price from $ 20 socks to a $ 395 parka. All available for purchase at


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