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Cars: The “Little” Luxury of Some Elite Athletes

We all have hobbies; some for shoes, others for clothing or also for toys or collectible stuff. However, cars are a hobby that few can acquire. Elite athletes are some of them.

And why not do it? Stars like Cristiano Ronaldo in soccer, Usain Bolt in athletics or Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez in boxing, accumulate large amounts of money for their sports performance, as well as from advertising contracts and other large income derived from their profession.

Many of them invest their money in businesses outside the sport, in associations that support civil society or other causes; however, and even with these heavy expenses in their accounts, they have the possibility of acquiring different items, with which they can distract themselves from the tedious world of “being a star”.

Among other things, such as sneakers, real estate or even nowadays non-fungible tokens (NFT’s), stars become collectors or simply fans of cars, and not only that, but of high-end cars, cars racing or exclusive, whose exorbitant costs are unimaginable for the rest of the world.

Devin Booker

It is also a hobby that has existed for a long time, since athletes from other times such as Diego Maradona also showed their fascination and their ability to buy luxurious cars and drive them through the avenues of the most important cities on the planet.

Currently, active athletes such as CR7, Conor McGregor or at the time Kobe Bryant (RIP), have shown to different magazines and through social media, some of the cars that make up their collection.


Conor McGregor

From powerful Ferrari and Maserati, to luxurious BMW, Lincoln and Rolls Royce, the variety of vehicles presented leaves fans in awe of the money and good taste that these stars can have.

With the advent of investments in cryptocurrencies and NFTs, as the economic system changes in different sports worldwide, it will be interesting to see how many new athletes adopt these luxurious hobbies.

Marquise Goodwin

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