Black Basketball Players

Russell Westbrook Documentary About the Black Basketball Players Beginnings

The basketball player Russell Westbrook together with his producer Zero World Media, develop a documentary that will talk about the history of black basketball players before the NBA.

The documentary will take the Black Fives era from 1904, the year basketball was introduced to black schoolchildren as an organized sport, to 1950, when the NBA signed its first black basketball players.

This audiovisual project will run under the direction of Marco Williams and, according to Deadline, the documentary aims to capture the stories of how the pioneering efforts of players from the Black Fives era paved the way for the global appeal of modern gaming in the world. context of the cultural evolution of Black America itself.

Before the arrival of the NBA, many black “five” basketball teams, which referred to the number of starting players, began to train and play in different places, as they were not allowed access to gyms and athletic clubs, which were exclusive for whites.

“I am excited to be working with Propagate and The Black Fives Foundation on this project,” Westbrook said in a statement announcing the project.

“This topic is obviously very personal to me for a number of reasons. These teams helped break down racial and social barriers and paved the way for the game and the NBA as a whole. These stories deserve to be told and I am proud of Zero World Media’s participation”.

The trailer and release date of this black basketball players documentary have not been released, although they are expected to be announced soon.

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