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Hanson: Collecting and Photographing the History of Soccer


For Hanson (Melbourne, Australia), football came by design of his father, but he stayed for love. However, for him, becoming a professional footballer was not his main goal.

As a doctor in training, his way of carrying his love for sports came from becoming a collector of jerseys and boots; and not only that, but he looked for a way that we could all appreciate his collection as he does.

So, as a photographer, he has managed to create unique and very attractive content for all football lovers like him.

In a special talk for KRIMY, Hanson (@spaceofsoccer), tells us the history and news of his collection and all the content he creates on social networks.

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I was born in Australia, Melbourne and been here ever since. My parents were born in Hong Kong. My dad was always into sports and I definitely got his genes. He pushed us to try various sports like Tennis, Badminton, Soccer and I ended up loving soccer from a young age. We always bought take down boots that were slightly too big. The ones I remember the most would be the adidas Predator X in white and yellow when I was playing for my high school.

My boot collection began in 2015, during which my boots cracked and I had to buy new ones. I got the multi-colour Adidas f50 Messi colourway for my birthday and slowly began to get into getting cheap outlet high end boots.

When the Nike Superfly IV came out I absolutely loved the look of these and started a small collection with my brother.

It wasn’t until end of 2015 where I was procrastinating for my Medical school exams where I began to post photos of my boot collection. Everything was done on a white background to showcase nothing but the raw boots themselves. I think I entered the social media game at the right time and things skyrocketed from there.

I have been able to work with brands such as Nike, New Balance and PUMA. I’ve worked super hard on the side to keep up quality content whilst completing my medical studies. It’s challenging juggling content creation and working fulltime as a 3rd year doctor.

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What was the first soccer jersey you owned?

I bought my first official jersey in 2015. It was FC Barcelona’s 2014-15 long sleeve jersey!

How many shirts do you currently have in your collection?

60 jerseys in the collection.

Which teams are you a fan of?

I am a huge fan of FC Barcelona, the era of Messi, Suarez, Neymar was unforgettable. Since Pep has moved to the Premier League, I love watching Man City play. PSG are also great to watch.

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For you, who is the best player in the world today?

It always will be Messi!

You also collect soccer cleats, right? How many pairs do you have?

The current number stands at over 300! Probably a couple too many…

What is the best ankle boots you’ve seen?

Nike Mercurial Superfly IV – the original is simply a stunner.

You have great photos! How did your love for photography start?

After growing on Instagram from 2015 onwards, I started to think of new ways to capture the details of soccer boots. I started doing more on-feet and in action shots to make my content unique from other platforms. I think the passion to continuing creating has helping me develop my love for photography more.

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Have you ever dreamed of playing soccer?

I’ve never been one to dream of playing on the big stage, but I love playing futsal and soccer in my casual leagues. But of course if I had to chance to play with or against Messi or Neymar, I’d definitely take that chance up.

Is there a match that has left you marked? If so, which one?

The most memorable would be watching Barça beat Juve 3-0 in the Champions League (live on TV). What a moment!

What do you specialize in as a doctor?

I’m currently training to become a Physician, and after passing some more exams hopefully specialize in Respiratory!

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What does Hanson prefer?

Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo


Nike or adidas


Pelé or Diego Maradona


A Champions League Final or a World Cup Final

Champions League Final

“The Goal of the Century” or “The Hand of God”

The Goal of the Century

Josep Guardiola or Zinedine Zidane


Iker Casillas or Gianluigi Buffon


Premier League or La Liga

Premier League

The next World Cup Champion


The first to win the Champions: PSG or Manchester City

Manchester City

Some final words

I hope you got to know me a little more as a boot collector, photographer and doctor!

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