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Adam Lister Pays Homage To The NBA With Stunning New Prints

Past and present together in art. Adam Lister is paying homage to the NBA’s yester years and today, with a new set of prints.

The expression that art is being made in the court is not something new, but now the court inspires the art. Adam Lister took the task to recreate iconic moments of the NBA past and future with his Then and Now print collection.

Lister took a look at some of the best moments of the NBA in the past, as well as some of the most recent thresholds. In a pixelated way he took his art and created a series of prints that would please any basketball fan.

From Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, to Stpehen Curry, LaMelo Ball and Ja Morant, the collection comprises a lot of different eras. Even Kobe Bryant makes an appearance in this gallery.

Its arrival was perfect for the NBA All Star Weekend. Every piece of this Adam Lister collection is signed, numbered and dated by the New York-based artist. There are only 50 prints per edition and are available at for $ 100 USD each.