This is the New PARK x FIFA 22 Partnership Against Climate Change

Blocking climate change. A new association arises in the digital world; now, the PARK x FIFA 22 collaboration is activated against climate change.

Just a few days ago, in conjunction with Lega Serie A, the special Keep Racism Out kit was presented, a social campaign that seeks to eradicate acts of racial discrimination in stadiums.

Now, PARK SSC, an environmentally conscious football brand, presents its Save the Planet XI, the featured Squad Battle in FIFA22 from March 21-28, made up exclusively of the best goalkeepers in the world.

Thus, the PARK x FIFA 22 partnership showcases the best blockers in the world to curb climate change, as each game played against Save the Planet XI will lock 100g of carbon. The ultimate goal: lock up 100 tons of carbon over seven days by playing a million games.

Thus, PARK SSC continues its action in favor of stopping climate change, just as they did at the end of last year with the world’s first negative carbon ball in association with C2Zero.

Matches played within the PARK x FIFA 22 campaign will be played at the PARK planet stadium with a PARK ball, while the Save the Planet XI will feature a special edition jersey.