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Axiom Helmet: Riddell Introduces a Smart Solution to Head Protection

Truly “using the head”. Riddell, the most recognized brand of football helmets and protective gear, announced the arrival of the Axiom helmet, which will greatly improve the protection of high-performance athletes.

We are not only talking about a team that, physically, will provide greater protection and in a personalized way, but about a complete data collection system that will help prevent, in a timelier manner, the damage caused by exposure to impact on the head (HIE).

The Riddell’s Axiom Helmet includes a new fit system, a redesigned helmet shell platform with a new energy management system, reimagined frontal protection and integrated smart helmet technology; very futuristic, right?

“The Axiom introduces new technologies that will fundamentally change what the football community expects from a helmet, making this launch an exciting time for our company, but also for athletes of all levels,” said Dan Arment, President and CEO of Riddell.

Through Riddell’s patented technology, a three-dimensional image of an athlete’s head is obtained. In this way, a personalized combination of energy management inner lining pads with thicknesses, shapes and contours unique to each athlete is generated, thus obtaining a greater fit and guaranteed protection.

Another interesting feature of the Axiom Helmet is its Tru-View frontal protection system, which eliminates the upper bar of the traditional face mask, providing additional flex, more energy management material and a better impact response.

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In addition, it has the Surround Flex system, a combination of flexible panels in the shell of the helmet that, together with the internal linings and the facial protection system, help improve the response to impacts.

In this way, the Axiom Helmet offers a standard, factory-installed, optically correct visor, giving athletes an optimal clear view of the field, as well as full coverage eye protection.

As if that were not enough, all this configuration is stored and managed in the Riddell database, to obtain figures that help a better study of the damage caused by HIE.

The smart helmet features InSite Analytics technology, with it, it reports HIE against Riddell’s database of eight million player hits on the field. This system will be available by subscription.

The Axiom Helmet is expected to hit the market in the fall of 2022, once the upcoming NFL season begins. Riddell will begin offering the Varsity model, followed by youth versions. The unit price will be around $750, and it will be fully equipped with all the hardware.

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