signing of Michael Jordan by Nike

The Film That Will Tell the Signing of Michael Jordan by Nike

Where the story began. The signing of Michael Jordan by Nike, originated the beginning of one of the most important business relationships in sports, will be told in a film.

It will be Matt Damon and Ben Affleck who will tell the story that includes the background, secrets and truths of what is today one of the most successful movements of the Swoosh, since we are talking about the player who became a brand: Jordan Brand.

It will be Amazon Studios, Skydance Sports and Mandalay Pictures who will produce the film about the signing of Michael Jordan by Nike; Affleck will be the director, actor and co-writer of the film alongside Damon, who will also be the producer and star of the film.

signing of Michael Jordan by Nike

As you may have imagined, the story about the signing of Michael Jordan by Nike will not focus on the Jumpman, but on Sonny Vaccaro (Damon), the sports marketing executive who brought Jordan to Nike. Despite having no experience on the court, Nike secured Jordan’s signature thanks to Vaccaro, leaving aside offers from adidas and Converse.

The other prominent character in the film will be Phil Knight (Affleck), the historic founder of Nike. Despite this, names are still unknown about who could be in charge of bringing MJ to life, at the time he left the University of North Carolina to enter the NBA.

After The Last Dance, the stories that basketball embodies have begun to attract attention, since the biographical series Lakers: Time to Win is just being released; not to mention fictions like the sequel to Space Jam with LeBron as the star.

Now, the story of the signing of Michael Jordan by Nike is out in the open and, even without knowing the name, release date and details, the expectation for his arrival is very high.

signing of Michael Jordan by Nike

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