KRIMY Tri Aura Pack

This is the New Balance Tri Aura Pack All in White

Warming up engines for what’s to come. It has been at the end of this season that New Balance has not stopped when it comes to new boot models. Now, bringing the Tri Aura Pack.

It is a renewed and clean image for its Furon v6+, Tekela v3+, which are also available in leather, and the 442 v2, which recently got new versions, in Golden and Black.

Thus, New Balance gives the go-ahead that the 22/23 season will bring important flashes, especially for its main figures such as Raheem Sterling, Harvey Elliott and, the jewel in the crown, Sadio Mané. The Tri Aura Pack is the spearhead of it.

The Tri Aura Pack in detail

Although the image of the collection is completely white, for each model, NB adds a slight color detail to each of its boots. Starting with the Furon V6+, we can see blue flashes over the forefoot; this color changes to orange in the leather version.

In the case of Tekela V3+, the synthetic version features violet details on the white canvas; for its part, on the leather version we can see the color change to green.

Finally, the third face that in a short time the 442 v2 already has, adding to the white image of the Tri Aura pack, only with very subtle flashes in yellow tones, almost imperceptible, making it the cleanest option of the capsule.

The Tri Aura Pack is available now from New Balance’s online store, as well as through retailers; unit prices range from $160 to $242 USD.

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