Sub Zero

Oakley Sub Zero Returns 30 Years Later: An Ultra Lightweight Sunglasses

New return to the past. Oakley entered fully into his trunk of memories and now he rescues one of his models that broke the market during the 90s: his Sub Zero sunglasses.

Just as when it was launched, the innovative aspect of this authentic Oakley heirloom is undoubtedly its weight, as it was designed to weigh “almost nothing”, which is still attractive for today’s fashion.

The rebirth of Sub Zero arrives in the “MUZM” collection, in which Oakley reinvents the image of these glasses in a wide variety of colors; in addition, including a series of innovations in terms of its composition, such as Prizm lens technology, a shield lens design and Unobtainium nose pads and earmuffs.

Additionally, to make this relaunch more memorable, Oakley is including a time capsule-inspired kit for members of the brand’s Influencers Collective.

This kit is based on Sub Zero’s history of unearthing history through an ode to 1992, with the product encased in a time capsule designed in the look of ’90s Oakley.

This Sub Zero relaunch is the first part of the new MUZM collection, expecting more news from May 12; the glasses can already be purchased on the Oakley website, for a cost of $268 USD.

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