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Are Seattle And Las Vegas Getting Their Own NBA Team in 2024?

An expected comeback and a debut for the league. The NBA is set to expand in 2024, adding two teams, reportedly in Seattle and Las Vegas.

In a move motivated by TV rights, the top basketball competition in the US is set to add a couple of teams to their roster. The new cities hosting an NBA franchise would be Seattle and Las Vegas, making the league even more competitive.

The current NBA TV deal has an end-date in 2024, and before they can sign a new one, they’re trying to make the league more attractive to more fans. That’s why reports say there will be two more teams for that season.

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As one of the fans’ favorite, the Seattle SuperSonics might make their triumphal comeback after almost 16 years since their spot was taken by the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2008. A team that causes commotion in the 90s with Sean Kemp, might see action again.

For the other team, the league set their eyes on a city that has never had an NBA franchise, but which sporting expansion has led them to have an NHL and NFL team. Las Vegas might receive the last spot for the expansion.

Will Seattle and Las Vegas get their own NBA team? It remains to be seen, but every report points in that direction, so it’s a matter of time to get an official confirmation.


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