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These are the Best Real Madrid Polo Shirts

Galactic elegance. With the presentation of the new merengue home kit, we cannot forget the Real Madrid polo shirts, an element that, for years, has meant part of the elegance of the white team.

Although adidas has traveled much of the path to glory with Madrid, there are designs from brands such as Hummel and Kelme, which also added to creating this identity with the Real Madrid polo shirts, synonymous with greatness and elegance.

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For this reason, at KRIMY we made a count of the most iconic Real Madrid polo shirts in history:

Jersey 2016/17

One of the last seasons of Cristiano Ronaldo leading the team that marked a golden age at the hands of Zinedine Zidane.

The shirt, white of course, maintained a simple image by implementing a single shade of blue for all the details, such as the adidas logo and lines, as well as the sponsor and hits on the cuffs and neck, buttoned on this occasion.

KRIMY Real Madrid Jerseys with polo neck
KRIMY Real Madrid Jerseys with polo neck 1

Jersey 1996/97

During the time of La Quinta del Buitre and a few years later, Madrid wore a local brand: Kelme, a manufacturer of footwear, sportswear and other products, based in Elche, Alicante.

Although most of their designs for the merengue outfit included a polo-type collar, this kit, which was one of the last they made, included the brand’s logo (a feline paw print) right in the center of the collar in a blue triangle, same tone that painted the same logo in a pattern on the shoulders, which would later be replaced by the mythical Three Stripes.

KRIMY Real Madrid Jerseys with polo neck 11
KRIMY Real Madrid Jerseys with polo neck 9

Jersey 2008/09

Just before the start of the CR7 era, the home kit for the 2008-2009 season brought back the black details that had been left out a year earlier. Likewise, they resumed the polo-type collar with a black border.

As an extra detail, the shirt placed the Spanish flag on the right side that would normally occupy the adidas logo, this time occupying the upper central part.

KRIMY Real Madrid Jerseys with polo neck 4
KRIMY Real Madrid Jerseys with polo neck 12

Jersey 1999/00

One of the most remembered, the jersey of this historic season, in addition to the polo neck in a blue tone, included a detail of three yellow stripes on the edge of it. It is one of the first designs presented by adidas in recent times.

It was that season when they won their eighth Champions League Cup, beating Valencia in the final at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, France.

KRIMY Real Madrid Jerseys with polo neck 8
KRIMY Real Madrid Jerseys with polo neck 7

Jersey 2011/12

In addition to breaking Barcelona’s hegemony of three seasons by winning the League at the hands of Pep Guardiola, the 2011-2012 championship saw one of Madrid’s most elegant shirts in recent years.

In addition to the striking polo-style collar, adidas decided to implement details in gold, on the logo, stripes and light lines on the cuffs, neck and side. In contrast, the main sponsor was included in black.

KRIMY Real Madrid Jerseys with polo neck 2
KRIMY Real Madrid Jerseys with polo neck 3

Jersey 2001/02 (European version)

It couldn’t be any other; the jersey used by Real Madrid for the 2001/2002 Champions League season was different from the one used in La Liga. Its absence of brand names (except for adidas, obviously), spawned one of the most stylish identities of all time.

As in simpler times, this shirt only had the galactic shield, the adidas logo and the three stripes on the shoulders, not to mention that the collar was completely white. It was the shirt that Zinedine Zidane wore in that historic final at Hampden Park against Bayer Leverkusen, in which he scored one of the most beautiful goals in history.

KRIMY Real Madrid Jerseys with polo neck 6
KRIMY Real Madrid Jerseys with polo neck 5

Thus, the Real Madrid polo shirts have significantly marked the history of one of the greatest clubs in the history of world football. Will another chapter be written this season?


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