KRIMY LMC and New Era 1

See the New Collection of LMC and New Era Inspired by Baseball

Playball! A new capsule, inspired by baseball, has been launched by LMC and New Era, the brand that has had a close relationship with the sport of bat and ball.

In this new capsule, we can see the Lost Management Cities logo applied in gothic typography, recalling jerseys and caps from iconic MLB teams such as the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox.

The new collaborative collection from LMC and New Era includes four different color combinations, namely dark pine green, royal blue, white and black. On the shirts, we see the LMC logo on the upper left side, as well as the classic New Era logo on the left sleeve; while, on the back, we see a design that incorporates a baseball with both brands.

The caps are made in New Era’s retro 9Fifty snapback silhouette, in the collection’s four-color variants, plus a fifth, which is light brown.

The new capsule from LMC and New Era is now available for purchase from this day on at the LMC online store; T-shirts are $35 USD, while hats are $42 USD.