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Evolve, Naomi Osaka’s New Athlete Management Company

A new adventure to help other athletes. Naomi Osaka got together with her agent to create their own athlete management company, Evolve.

After a couple of difficult years at the top level in women’s tennis, the player decided to expand her territory beyond the court. Along with Stuart Duguid, her agent, Naomi Osaka created Evolve, a new athlete management company, to help young athletes.

This new company will be handling topics like investing, partnerships, philanthropy, as well as helping the create athlete-owned businesses. All so that Osaka can help younger tennis people (and other sports) avoid much of the pain she had to endure.

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“Evolve represents the evolution of not just my business career, but also the way athletes can control their destiny. I’ve always thrived on pushing the boundaries and challenging the status quo. Stuart and I have been business partners for years now so it’s a very natural and inspiring move to make.”, commented the tennis superstar in an interview with Variety.

Evolve, this new venture for Naomi Osaka is set to begin this year, though a specific data for their kick-off has not yet been revealed.

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