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Goal Click And England Football Focus On Disability Football In A New Photo Series

When they say that football is for everyone, they mean it. Goal Click and England Football got together for a new photography series, portraying disability football.

Most of the times, when we think about football, we think about some of the greatest athletes in the world in some of the biggest stages; but there’s a lot more to the sport. England Football and Goal Click try to show us that side with their new photography series.

The organization was born so that people from different backgrounds and different situations could tell their football stories. All of this through the lens of a disposable camera, print analogue photographs and their words.

For their newest collection, they gathered the stories of three outstanding individuals, Matt Crossen, Sarah Griffiths and Callum Branch. All of them showing how Cerebral Palsy and football are not mutually exclusive.

From a historic victory by England Men’s CP team, to a training session from the Summertown Warriors, and the Basildon Fame Football team, we can take a look at these photographic stories from Goal Click and England Football at

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