KRIMY PUMA Future 1 3 Lazertouch 1

Lazertouch: A Look at the New PUMA Future Z 1.3

Leather fashion is back. PUMA presented a renewed Future Z 1.3, using its patented Lazertouch innovation, in an image as discreet as it is elegant.

This new technology from the Big Cat was first seen last year, present in the Craft Pack as well as the Lazertouch Pack. With this innovation, it is endowed with improved control properties, as well as a unique appearance in the forefoot.

This new PUMA Future Z 1.3, shows a discreet colorway, composed of the colors “Puma Black/Gold/Puma White”. At the front it presents a toecap made of K leather, allowing a better sensation for the touch with the ball.

Lazertouch technology, as its name implies, uses lasers to etch detailed patterns into a mold, which is fused to the K-leather, achieving performance-enhanced textures. All wrapped in a black base with gold accents that shimmer for a fine finish.

The new PUMA Future Z 1.3 Lazertouch, are now available on the brand’s website, as well as in retail stores, for an approximate price of $190 USD.

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