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Meet LeBronival, Nike and LeBron James Crazy New Sneaker Pack

The King gives his models a crazy, new style. Nike and LeBron James presented their newest collaboration, the LeBronival pack.

It’s been a busy season for the Lakers man and for his signature model which has seen several colorways come along. The LeBronival pack is the newest collaboration between LeBron James and Nike, filling the stage with color.

For King James, the holidays began several weeks ago, when the Lakers couldn’t reach the NBA Playoffs. But, on the other hand, his signature models especially his LeBron 19 and LeBron 19 Low have had plenty of activity.

The LeBron 19 have a colorful mixture, one of them red, pink, green, yellow and blue, while the other shoe includes the same colors but in different order. This gives the pair a wacky design to hit the streets.

In the case of the LeBron 19 Low, they have a blue base with different patterns and colors completing the sneakers. This crazy collection, the LeBronival doesn’t have an official release date, but it is expected they will arrive at in the following months.


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