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Marcus Rashford Gets A Touching Supporting Gesture From Beats By Dre

Supporting the player in a big way. Beats By Dre made a giant mural in order to support Marcus Rashford, after one of his most difficult seasons.

He may have done enough for his community to be honored as Member of the British Empire (MBE), but has been continuously slashed this season. That’s why Beats By Dre made a mural showing their support for Marcus Rashford, which isn’t his first.

During 2020, the Manchester United man fought hard so that the UK government didn’t suspend school meals for children in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. After achieving the goal, ensuring thousands of kids didn’t starve during the crisis, artist Akse P19 painted a mural celebrating Rashford’s efforts.

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But things haven’t been easy for the #10 since then. After missing a penalty in the 2020 EURO final, even that mural was vandalized. Now, after having suffered a serious injury, his return to the pitch has been more than tough, during one of the worst seasons in United’s recent history.

So, Beats By Dre got in touch with artist Reuben Dangoor to create another mural in support of Marcus. After all the abuse he received in Social Media, Dangoor painted a scene where the player hushes angry (and even happy) voices wearing the brand’s Buds.

This mural in support of Marcus Rashford includes the phrase: “Form is temporary. Class is permanent”. A way through which Beats By Dre reminds the player that his efforts don’t go unnoticed and that he can make a better comeback next season.

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