KRIMY New Balance 550 with Lakers Colors 1

A Look at the New Balance 550 with Lakers Colors

An amazing pair of pairs. With the increase in the production of this model, the two new models of the New Balance 550 with Lakers colors were presented.

Sneaker lovers have had a very unique interest in the NB 550; For this reason, the American brand announced that they would triple its production. With this, the arrival of new colorways was inevitable.

Among the novelties, we have these two versions of New Balance 550 with Lakers colors, both with a predominant white base; however, the shades of purple, gold and yellow are more than a nod to the legendary NBA team.

It should be noted that these new shoes have no official relationship with the Lakers, although the colors and the basketball graphic on the tongues do not leave much to the imagination.

On the conformation of both shoes, the New Balance 550 with Lakers colors present perforated textures along the lower region of the midfoot.

The first pair is guided by yellow and gold accents that show the face over the N logos, tongue cutout and tread; for its part, the purple tone appears in a secondary role when retouching the bumps and pipes of the “550”.

The second pair gives more prominence to purple, covering the raised heel portions, N badges, tongue graphics, and the front and rear ends of the soles. Yellow is positioned in the outlines of the NB logo, the “550” embellishments and the lettering on the tongue.

Even without an official date, the first images suggest that the arrival of the New Balance 550 with Lakers colors will be soon.

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