Kyle Walker and PUMA kits

The New CALM Kits by Kyle Walker and PUMA

Against living miserably. Joining the fight to raise awareness of mental health, Kyle Walker and PUMA introduced two kits to help open the conversation on this topic.

Today more than ever, mental health must take on true relevance for everyone; soccer becomes a platform for it, and it does so accompanied by the gamer world, as EA Sports joins this campaign.

Just in time for Mental Health Awareness Week, Kyle Walker and PUMA produce these two special kits, which will appear in FIFA 22 in the FUT game mode by completing a series of objectives.

KRIMY Kyle Walker and PUMA kits 3

Both Kyle Walker and PUMA jerseys have been designed by England International to help open up the conversation about mental health and challenge stereotypes that stop people from seeking the help they need.

The home kit reflects each stage of Walker’s football career; highlighting the most important moments, such as the Premier League titles, to the lowest points, such as the defeats for the Manchester City man.

The colors of this jersey represent the various clubs Walker has played for; plus, it’s a tribute to the teams’ role in making him the teammate and father he is today.

On the away jersey, it vividly depicts the challenges surrounding poor mental health. Statistics and key phrases are included in this regard, such as that 125 people die by suicide every week in the United Kingdom, 75% of these are men. Alongside this, the kit upholds CALM‘s message: “Life is always worth living.”

The Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) organization found that two in three Britons feel overwhelmed, with 37% saying their mental health has worsened in the last two years. This has been reflected in a record demand for the services of the CALM Helpline.

Kyle Walker and PUMA CALM Kits Now Available for Download Within EA Sports FIFA 22; plus, you can purchase them at, each for £40.00 ($49 USD). The Big Cat brand will donate a portion of the sales of both kits to CALM to support their services.

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