KRIMY Charly Club Leon Jerseys 22/23

These are the New Charly Club Leon Jerseys 22/23

Ours is to return. Celebrating the tenth anniversary of their return to the first Mexican division, the Charly Club Leon jerseys 22/23 were presented.

It was on May 12, 2012 when La Fiera, after 10 years in the promotion league, “broke the spell” and returned to the First Division, in a heroic final, beating Correcaminos 5-0 at home and creating a euphoria total in the center of the country.

The Charly Club Leon jerseys 22/23 pay homage to that moment, from two different angles: that of the authors of the feat, and the media impact they generated with their return to the top circuit of the recently renamed Liga Mx.

The home kit, presents the classic look, with an emerald green base color, accompanied by white details on the cuffs, sides and a peak on the neck. The main motif is found in a graphic on the entire front, which incorporates the names of all the players who were consecrated in that tournament.

For its part, the away jersey breaks with the traditional, and acquires a graphic on the entire shirt, which presents the headlines of all the notes that appeared in the newspapers talking about his promotion. “The day every front page was taken over by us!”

The new Charly Club Leon jerseys 22/23, encapsulated under the #LoNuestraEsVolver (#OursIsToReturn) campaign, are now available at, for a price of $1,599 Mexican pesos ($79 USD).

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