KRIMY Red Star FC x Vice Collection 1

A Sneak Peek at the New Red Star FC x Vice Collection

Safe bet. Inspired by the atmosphere inside Wernham Hogg and Dunder Mifflin, comes the Red Star FC x Vice collection, presented in a lookbook reminiscent of The Office.

This capsule could not be said to be inspired by the well-known TV series, if it did not have “ordinary” people as models; therefore, in the photographs, we can see the men and women who have forged the self-appointed “Romantic Club founded in 1897.”

KRIMY Red Star FC x Vice Collection 2

In the Red Star FC x Vice collection, portrayed by the greats Capucine Deblé and Emile Moutaud, we see the club’s employees, as well as their associated groups, modeling the capsule in scenes that could have been taken directly from the famous sitcom.

As for the design of the garments, the graphic identity of Red Star FC is clear, while it is accompanied by the Vice logo, present as the main “sponsor” on the front. Jackets, sweatshirts, t-shirts and a cap make up this set.

The new Red Star FC x Vice collection is now available for purchase at, for prices ranging from €30 ($32 USD) to €89 ($95 USD).


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