KRIMY Women's Euro 2022

Women’s Euro 2022: Nike Presents the New Kits for its Teams

The Women’s Euro 2022 is just around the corner, and the national teams dressed by Nike have already announced the outfits with which they will seek the championship.

These are the home and away kits for the national teams of France, Holland and England, the latter of which will host the competition that will face 16 of the best UEFA national teams.

Already previously, the teams dressed by adidas for the Women’s Euro 2022, such as those of Spain, Germany, Belgium and Sweden, announced their shirts for the competition; now, those of the Swoosh were not far behind with the designs, at the height of what the women’s teams represent.

This is how the Nike teams will play in the Women’s Euro 2022

Speaking of the Lionesses’ kits, Nike presents a very original home jersey, presenting a white image, using geometric patterns, accompanied by the national team’s shield next to the Swoosh in a shiny chrome version.

For the away shirt, the chosen color is a salmon tone, without patterns, and with the details in a cherry tone, the same as the Swoosh and the shield, also in an iridescent version.

For its part, for the French national team, the choice in the local jersey was the traditional shade of blue; however, Nike innovates by adding a floral print, inspired by Art Nouveau; furthermore, red bands with the name “Les Blues” on them are inserted on the sides.

For the second kit, the template is the same used with the English ones, only using white as the main color, adding a subtle tricolor detail on the sleeves.

Finally, for the Dutch, the American brand did not go out of line, presenting a simple local jersey, without patterns or graphics, using the traditional shade of clockwork orange, including black details on the sides, the same color on the shield and the Swoosh.

However, the away jersey is more daring which, on a white background, includes quadrangular figures in red and blue colors, the latter painting the Nike logo; For its part, the national coat of arms appears in two shades of orange.

Thus, Nike makes clear the attention it provides to the women’s teams, in this case the Women’s Euro 2022, providing them with specific clothing, with designs that exceed several that they have presented for men’s teams, revaluing the articles of this genre.

The Nike kits for the Women’s Euro 2022 teams will soon be on sale inside the Swoosh store; In addition, they will surely arrive at the official EURO store.