Nike LeBron 3 3

The Nike LeBron 3 ‘BBZ’ Come Back With An Homage To Ohio

A touch of nostalgia for a retro revival. The Nike LeBron 3 will make a triumphal comeback with a ‘BBZ’ colorway celebrating Ohio and the King’s family.

The brand has been launching a series of previous sneaker models with a new twist, serving both nostalgic and new fans alike. The latest model to have their retro return have an homage to Ohio and LeBron James’ kids; the Nike LeBron 3 ‘BBZ’.

For the newest effort of the brand, the LA Lakers’ man wanted to pay tribute to his hometown as well as having a detail to remember his children in the design. The sneakers include a nod to the Ohio flag and James’ kids’ initials.

They come in an all-black leather upper, with a series of details in red, white and blue, representing Ohio state flag. They also have Akron’s (the King’s hometown) seal and its 330 area code embedded on them.

Besides all of this, on the left medial toe we can see the ‘BBZ’ initials, representing LeBron’s three children, Bronny, Bruce and Zhuri. We can expect these new retro Nike LeBron 3 ‘BBZ’ to arrive at in the following months.