Palazzo Knit

A Look at Palazzo Knit for the New Summer 22 Range

Nerazzurri nostalgia. Palace once again stands out in a field outside of skateboarding; it’s football again and now it’s a silhouette inspired by Inter Milan: Palazzo Knit.

The brands on the shirts have allowed us to remember different times in the history of football. One of the most memorable is Pirelli with the Nerazzurri, a collaboration that lasted more than 25 years.

For the image of Palazzo Knit, Palace resorted to one of Inter’s most remembered jerseys during that time, the one from the 1997/98 season, presenting a pair of long-sleeved polo shirts, totally inspired by the kits worn by players like the Brazilian Ronaldo, UEFA Cup champion.

Both versions, one in black and blue and the other in a cream tone, recreate the rings, in addition to the Pirelli logo, replaced by “Palace”, lengthening the “P” equal to the tire brand, the most remembered element of that long-lived collaboration.

Not long ago, we saw the London-based skate brand introduce a pair of soccer jerseys in its Spring 2022 collection, making their love of soccer (and good soccer, to boot) clear.

Palace’s full summer 2022 range, which will see the arrival of the Palazzo Knit, will go on sale this coming May 6 on the skate brand’s website.

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