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Pippo Inzaghi Pack, Diadora’s Newest Launch

Honoring a historic player with a special pack of boots. Diadora just launched their newest bundle, the Pippo Inzaghi pack, in honor of the iconic AC Milan striker.

The brand keeps paying tribute to some of the biggest names in football, those who in their prime wore their boots. Now it’s time to celebrate Filippo Pippo Inzaghi with his own pack.

He is one of the best strikers in the rossoneri history and the Italian manufacturer knows this. That’s why they took the classic Brasil model worn by Inzaghi, with that particular combination of black and gold and brought them back.

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This is an exact replica of the boots Pippo wore on 2007, when they took revenge on Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League final. He was the MVP of that match, while also being a historic figure in Italian football.

For this pack, the brand included a number 9 on the boot, reminiscing the back number Inzaghi used to wear. The Pippo Inzaghi pack by Diadora will only have 207 pairs made, but are expected to arrive at, later this year.


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