KRIMY PUMA 93:20 Prematch Jersey

This is the PUMA 93:20 Prematch Jersey and the Ultra 1.4 Special Edition

The tribute continues. 10 years have passed since the Premier title obtained by Manchester City. As a tribute, the PUMA 93:20 Prematch jersey was released, as well as Ultra 1.4 SE boots.

It was just in the match after being eliminated from the Champions League against Real Madrid, that we saw the Citizens jump to warm up on the field prior to the duel in which they categorically beat Newcastle, to continue at the top, wearing this shirt that presents the number 10 and Kun’s last name, displayed in a memorable way: AGÜEROOOO.

It was 10 years of the Argentine that marked an incomparable era in Man. City. For this reason, the PUMA 93:20 Prematch jersey features Agüero, a garment that has a white base with light blue hoops and details in navy blue and gold, a clear reference to the Argentine flag.

As something even more iconic than that goal, on the blue hoops we can see historical images of that goal by the Argentine, which meant Manchester’s first Premier League title.

The additional “O’s” to Agüero’s name on the shirt refer to the remembered narration made by Martin Tyler in that match, which was played at the same time as that of their rival, Manchester United, who, after their match, waited with uncertainty the end of City’s duel against Queens Park Rangers.

Alongside this PUMA 93:20 Prematch Jersey, Big Cat branding includes the Ultra 1.4 boots, which have been redesigned with the same color palette as the original PUMA v1.11 boots worn by Aguero when he scored the famous goal.

The upper and footbed of the 93:20 boot integrates the commentary “Manchester City is still alive here,” with custom 93:20 graphics on the outside of the boot.

The PUMA 93:20 Prematch jersey will go on sale with only 2012 units (year of that historic title); For its part, the Ultra 1.4 boot will have an even smaller stock, with only 120 pairs created.

This collection will be available for purchase in the Manchester City and PUMA online stores from May 13.

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