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The PUMA King Platinum Get A Shocking New Colorway

Years of history with a new look. The German brand gave their PUMA King Platinum a new colorway to align them with their other boots.

It certainly is one of their most iconic boots, although these days they may rank behind their brothers, but they’re raising their hand. The new PUMA King Platinum are catching up with the Future 1.3 and Ultra 1.4 with the ‘Black/Neon Citrus’ colorway.

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The brand created by Rudolph Dassler made a huge impact when this model first came into existence. Even more when Pelé himself made them a legendary pair of boots for the books of history.

With a reengineered upper they offer increased responsiveness and a superior touch. All of this thanks to the KINGForm technology, a new rib structure fused to the super-soft leather body.

They also include a MoveKontrol Plate outsole, as well as the brand’s KomfortSystem securing a better fit and optimized traction. These new PUMA King Platinum in the ‘Black/Neon Citrus’ colorway are available at, for € 199.95 ($ 208 USD).


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