KRIMY Alternate Jerseys for Penarol 2022

PUMA Creates Two New Peñarol 2022 Alternate Jerseys

After announcing the new home kit a few months ago, PUMA presented the new Peñarol 2022 alternate jerseys.

In an atypical way, the Big Cat simultaneously presented the away jersey and the alternative for one of the most important teams in Uruguayan soccer, using dark colors.

More about the Peñarol 2022 alternate jerseys

The away jersey is black, and uses the design that PUMA presented for its teams during the 21/22 season; however, in addition to the name of the team in the center and between two yellow lines, on this occasion it was decided to keep the shield of El Decano.

The Big Cat logo, as well as the official sponsors, are painted white.

The third or alternative jersey turns gray with a graphic inspired by the aromo, a tree in the region that gives its name to the Washington Cataldi Sports Complex. The shield is shown in its usual colors and position.

For its part, the PUMA logo and details on the sides are dyed in yellow, while the sponsors remain in white.

The new Peñarol 2022 alternate jerseys are available for sale from today at the Peñarol Palace and PUMA stores, and soon at the “Carbonero” club’s online store.