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Rave Club Kit, The New Meyba And Rave Skateboards Collaboration

Getting a football look for the skateboarding label. Meyba has joined forces with Rave Skateboards to create their new Rave Club Kit.

Trying to erase the boundaries between football and skateboarding, both brands tried to create something unique. Under the name of the Rave Club Kit, this collaboration between Rave Skateboards and Meyba throw a set of new possibilities.

The Catalan brand is trying to create a name for themselves in the world of sporting apparel. Meyba already has a few sponsorships going, just like Las Vegas Lights, but they want the world to get to know them even further.

In order to show people what they can do in terms of creating uniforms, they got together with Rave, the French skate brand. And they combined their styles with a stunning result with their new black dyed kit.

The new Rave Club Kit, combining the many possibilities football and skateboarding bring can be found at starting today, for £ 55 ($ 69 USD).


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