KRIMY Rockies' Nike City Connect Jersey

The New Rockies’ Nike City Connect Jersey 2022, at the Top

Everything is colorful in Colorado. The new Rockies’ Nike City Connect jersey was officially unveiled, and what we can say is that we want to see Colorado NOW!

The iconic state plate, with its green mountains and unique typography, is the inspiration for this new uniform, which we’ll see on the diamond on June 4 when the Rockies take on the Braves at Coors Field.

It should be remembered that the City Connect movement of the Swoosh arises to reinvent the traditional image of the MLB teams, creating at the same time, a more tangible link between them and their cities of origin. The Rockies‘ Nike City Connect jersey is a clear – and great – example of this.

“The jersey highlights that great love for our home state with the deep greens of the forest and the whites of its snowy peaks and a nod to our iconic plaque that stands out no matter where the road takes us.”

Not only is the green colorway outlining the mountains in front a tribute to Colorado, but a yellow “sticker” on the right sleeve, which is adorned with double black diamonds, is a tribute to the toughest slopes and ski slopes in the Mountains Rockies.

One more “wink” on the sticker is the “5280”, which refers to Mile High City and the coordinates of where the Rockies play.

KRIMY Rockies' Nike City Connect Jersey
KRIMY Rockies' Nike City Connect Jersey

“The model was the Colorado license plate, because wherever you are in the United States, if you see that license plate, you know where it’s from,” said Jim Kellogg, vice president of sales and community operations for the Rockies.

Following the debut against Atlanta, the new Rockies’ Nike City Connect jersey will be displayed by the club at each Sunday game at Coors Field. Find it for sale in the MLB online store, for a cost of $139 USD, along with a wide range of clothing that share the concept.


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